Uncommon Sleep Therapy

Often the last resort for chronic cases of insomnia are prescription and over-the-counter medication to get some sleep.  Because many of these drugs are addictive in nature, and often only a short term solution, I would like to offer an additional, non-addictive, solution that will not only help you get to sleep but will clear your mind and completely remove all stress from your body.  This natural sleep aid is called meditation.

I know that sometimes meditation gets a bad rap as some hokey gimmick and often time individuals trying this method will not stick with it out long enough to reap it’s benefits.  I assure you that if you follow a schedule and meditate each night for a week you will see a significant increase in the quality and quantity of sleep.  Meditation is the ultimate natural sleep aid and has helped me in many ways.

Below are some free video on how to meditate and a video of relaxing music you can use while you meditate.  Enjoy!


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